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University of North Dakota

Hiring A Student
The following Payroll Forms can be accessed by going to Click on the drop down arrow for Payroll Processing Forms to see the list of forms.
  • Job Data Hire Form
    1) Hire a New Employee 2) Hire an employee that is already working in another UND department (Position must be continuous and in an occupation different than the primary position)
  • Job Data Change or Separation Form    
      1) Terminate an employee
       2) Employee transfers to another UND dept
       3) Employee transfers to another State Agency
       4) Pay Rate Change
    5) Leave of Absence

       6) Job Reclassification
    7) Position # Change
    8) Promotion/Demotion
    9) % Appointment Change
    10) Functional Job Title Change
    11) Academic Rank Change
    12) Change Contract Dates for < 12-Mo Employees
    13) Other changes except Funding Changes (Use Position Funding Request)
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